Shopper Marketing & Promotion The Weather Channel Is Offering Viewers Mixed-Reality Tornado Coverage

The channel's first video features a tornado strike ravaging the studio in an effort to provide more vivid and immersive storytelling while also informing the public on storm safety measures in a captivating manner

Design Air Conditioning Unit Works Without Electricity, Only Air And Water

Ant Studio created a unique air conditioner that uses evaporation cooling

Technology Alphabet Is Using Salt As A Renewable Solution For Energy Storage

A project from the company's X division plans to use salt and a low temperature liquid similar to antifreeze to store energy

Design This Robot Was Made To Be A Poet By The Sea

Created by designer Yuxi Liu, this is an AI-powered bot that wanders alone on the beach and draws poems in the sand based on the elements around it

Home Aluminum Solar Blinds Power Eco-Friendly Apartments

SolarGaps are designed to be a passive source of energy gathering in an eco-friendly home

Technology Urban Solar Panel Project Creates Rooftop Living Spaces

The Solar Canopy design was originally developed to adhere to a local fire code restriction, but grew into something bigger

Retail Zyrtec's Alexa Skill Helps Identify Your Allergies

The antihistamine brand has created a new Alexa skill that helps figure out what kinds of pollen might be the cause of a person's allergies

Technology How Aggregated Weather Data Can Make Forecasting More Accurate

Climendo works as an aggregator that bundles the best forecasts for a better read on Mother Nature’s mood

Technology This Paper Drone Can Fly Farther Than Any Other Carrying Life-Saving Supplies

A lighter, longer-lasting version of the iconic drone can fly farther and faster than any other drone on the market. And it carries life-saving medical supplies.

Innovation Wind-Responsive Tent Shields Campers From The Elements [Pics]

The Windroos tent is a prototype that turns with each gust to protect users from bad weather.

Innovation Sony Futuristic Smart Outlets Will Make You Login To Get Power [Video]

Concept video shows how plugs with authentication and wireless charging could enable a more efficient use of power.

Advertising 31 Million Virtual Farmers Tend To The In-Game Devastation Caused By Climate Change [Future Of Gaming]

Destination Reality: Farmville would drop a dose of climate reality on the 31 million people who log on daily to play the famous Zynga game.

Home Solar Power More Popular With Office Buildings Than The Average American Home [Headlines]

A study shows that Americans aren't so keen on outfitting their homes with solar panels that could be used to produce carbon dioxide-free electricity.

Advertising A Green Utopia? Panasonic's 'Smart Town' Targets 70% CO2 Cut

Panasonic has unveiled plans of developing a 19-hectare 'smart town' near Tokyo with an estimated 70% less CO2 output than the CO2 levels of Japan in the 1990s.