wind energy

Advertising Lego Wants To Solve The World’s Plastics Problem With A Biomaterial That Can Survive Generations Of Play

Lego building blocks use a lot of plastics, but the company wants to find a greener alternative

Home Omni3D's AirEnergy 3D: Compact Enough to Fit into a Backpack

Portable, 3D-printed wind turbine produces up to 300W of power

Design Revamped Wind Turbine Takes Design Inspiration From Dragonflies [Pics]

Compact schematic might provide people with more renewable energy in the future.

Technology Wind-Powered Solar Building Flies In The Air

Powered by wind and solar energy, this pryramid shaped sculpture defies gravity and reinvents the architectural landscape.

Design Skyscraper Covered In Hair Harvests Wind Energy

Concept design Strawscraper uses piezoelectric technology to power itself.

Innovation Streetlamp Powered By Solar & Wind Energy Will Work Year Round

Hybrid lighting system utilizes natural resources to generate electricity and can work during the dark winter months.

Retail New Product Label Identifies Goods Made With Wind Power

A new identifier offers the opportunity to companies to promote their commitment to sustainability energy.

Design Wind Power From Trains

The T-Box system harnesses wind energy from the existing motion of passing trains.

Home Envisioning Cairo: Garbage City Gets A Green Makeover

The Turkish firm Mekano Architects have designed a repurposed green living space in Cairo's "Garbage City."

Advertising Fandom Grows From Foam Fingers To Commodities

Texas universities offer environmentally-friendly branded energy option for fans.

Design Pinwheel-Inspired Light Powered By Wind Energy

A green educational toy harnesses renewable energy to light a bulb.

Design Portable Solar Wind Turbine For Charging On The Go

A conceptual mobile charging hub uses multiple inputs to generate electricity.