wind turbine

Advertising Lego Wants To Solve The World’s Plastics Problem With A Biomaterial That Can Survive Generations Of Play

Lego building blocks use a lot of plastics, but the company wants to find a greener alternative

Design World's First Wind Turbine Amusement Park is Dutch-Made, Everyone-Approved

An energy company wants to educate the public about sustainability and renewable energy with fun as its propaganda tool

Innovation Giant Rock Sculpture Offers A Hangout Spot In The Middle Of The City

Self-sustainable art project gives people a place to charge their phones.

Design Revamped Wind Turbine Takes Design Inspiration From Dragonflies [Pics]

Compact schematic might provide people with more renewable energy in the future.

Technology Wind Turbine Turns Moisture In The Air Into Drinkable Water

Eole Water in France has created a machine that can condense water molecules and transform them into safe drinking water.

Home Eco Conscious Architecture Salvages Renewable Energy From Viaducts

The ancestral home of the aqueduct debuts a cutting edge renewable energy concept

Advertising New Burger King Restaurant Goes Green

A fast food eatery uses clean, renewable energy to run its operations.

Innovation The World's First Floating Wind Turbine

Norwegian researchers have developed a floating turbine that can operate in waters deeper than 360 feet, enabling it to function virtually anywhere. The initial design was launched off the coast of Stavanger, an oil town located in southwestern Norway back in June.