Fashion & Apparel Paris Streetwear Brand Takes Basic Approach To Captivating Store Design

Homecore's Paris popup is a case study in dynamic interior store design using simple and cheap materials, referencing Newtonian physics and graffiti street art

Design Gathering Space In Washington Serves As A Large Communal Living Room

Kenmore Hangar morphs depending on weather conditions or functional requirements

Technology Voice-Controlled Device Makes Window Blinds Automated

The Brunt Blind Engine can turn most types of window coverings into something that responds to your voice

Work Hide Your Computer Screen From Prying Eyes With This Cloaking Material

Casper is a transparent film that can be applied to glass partitions to obscure content on LED screens

Home MUJI Will Soon Sell A Complete Tiny Minimalist Home

Staying true to its roots, this MUJI Hut is tiny in size but spacious enough for a crowd of 4

Health Roller Shade Stimulates Sunshine for Windowless Rooms

Wake up to the morning sunshine with this minimalist lamp

Advertising Fashion Store Creates Large Scratch Cards In Its Windows

London boutique Browns celebrates its rebrand by encouraging shoppers to scratch off symbols

Design Window Device Turns Noise Pollution Into More Pleasant Sounds [Video]

Sono is an advance noise-canceling gadget that lets people be selective about the outdoor noise they hear.

Advertising App-Controlled Window Shades Provide On-Demand Privacy

Californian startup creates a convenient alternative to curtains and blinds.

Technology Invisible Blinds Selectively Let In Light

Japanese researchers have developed a transparent sheet that lets in less sunlight in the summer and more in the winter.

Design Famous Artworks Recreated On Dirty Car Windows [Pics]

Artists uses an unusual medium to sketch out his drawings.

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A Bing Initiative: A weekly round-up of the top ten most popular posts on PSFK--from culture to technology, art to business this list has it all.

Retail Toyota Imagines What It Could Be Like In The Backseat

A concept video by Toyota Europe imagines a solution to passenger boredom in the car.

Design A See Through Refrigerator

Window Refrigerator enables users to see what's stored inside the fridge without opening its door.