wireless charging

Design Wireless Charging Integrated Into Everyday Furniture Pieces

PESI created a range of natural charging devices for smartphone users

Technology Wallet Tells You If You're Being Pickpocketed

Woolet 2.0 features a Bluetooth LE radio, a battery, wireless charging, and built-in-speakers that let you know exactly where it is at all times

Home Wireless Charger Will Make Your Phone Levitate As It Powers Up

The unique base uses magnets to float your device while replenishing the battery

Fashion & Apparel Use Your Clothing To Charge Your Devices

The crowdfunding rockstar Baubax is updating its line of outerwear with wireless chargers

Design Charge All Your Devices Atop This Sleek, Slim Pad

Wireless charger will let you charge multiple devices just by placing them on this surface

Work Plop Your Phone Down on This Bamboo Side Table, Watch it Power Up

Forget those pesky cords -- FurniQi lets you charge your phone just by putting it down

Luxury Wireless Charger Merger to Improve Your Device Experience

Merger may spell big changes for wireless charging industry

Advertising CES 2015: Rezence Brings Wireless Power to Sin City

This week, a not-for-profit group will promote the technology during the year's most electrified conference

Advertising Microsoft Designs Pants That Wirelessly Charge Mobile Devices

The technology company has developed a new way for people to juice up their phones while they are in their pockets.

Innovation Wireless Charger Powers Mobile Devices Using Bluetooth And Wifi

Cota by Ossia provides juice for your devices with absolutely no cords needed.

Home Kitchen Countertop Can Charge Phones Wirelessly

DuPont Building Innovations will begin to integrate wireless charging technology into its Corian household surfaces, perfect for home decor and for public spaces.

Innovation Electric Bus Could Charge Itself At Every Stop

Instead of plugging in to refresh its energy, Utah State University has demonstrated a high-efficiency wireless power transfer system.

Technology LED Table Lamp Wirelessly Charges Devices

Japanese company Konica Minolta has introduced a light with a built-in induction charging pad support the Qi wireless charging standard.

Work Wirelessly Charge Electric Vehicles

A new technology uses magnets to refill car batteries without the need to plug it in.