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Small businesses, say bye to Wi-Fi leechers thanks to this wireless technology

Home Wireless Charging Method Could Power Micro-Implants In Our Bodies

Stanford researchers have developed a way to charge tiny health-tracking devices that could be embedded in our bodies.

Design Immersive VR System Transforms Living Rooms Into Zombie War Zones [Video]

Zero Latency’s 'Inversion Project' lets gamers explore virtual worlds with an Oculus Rift strapped to their heads.

Technology Wristband Tells Doctors When They Need To Wash Their Hands [Video]

Intelligent M technology monitors and records hygiene habits.

Innovation Magnetic Sensor Syncs Your Cooking Pot To Your Stovetop [Video]

The device wirelessly helps to optimize heat levels and prevent overboiling or burning.

Technology Are Teens Dependent On Technology? [Headlines]

The younger generation uses mobile devices and social networks more than any other.