Design Redesigned Burial Urns Give Mourners A Tactile Way To Say Goodbye

Lisa Merk wants funeral ceremonies to be environmentally friendly and comforting with pebble shaped urns attendees can hold on to

Technology Take Design Concepts Off The Page With This Unique Pen

The 3D printing tool can create wood and copper products that can be polished or sanded for versatile finishes

Automotive Toyota Concept Car Designed to Be an Heirloom Collectible

A roadster is made of a material that allows it to absorb its record of use

Design Biodegradable Bike Helmet Made From Eco-Friendly 'Styrofoam'

This head-protector's made from lightweight, renewable forest products

Design Ikea Opts For Wood Knots & Natural Quirks To Drive Sustainability

The furniture giant offers a sprut collection unique for every customer, with each piece revealing a story of the tree from which it came

Advertising Eco-Friendly Headphones That Don't Sound Wooden

Grain Audio releases a sustainable wood-accented balance of sound and design

Design Wood Carving Kit for Creative Meditation Practices

Tälja is a well-designed kit that aims to create an experience that helps users take a break from modern life and relax

Work Breathing New Life into Retro Inflatable Furniture with Modern Wooden Elements

Anda by product designer Tehila Guy is a piece inspired by flat-packed furniture

Home Musical Decorative Sculpture Crafted from Wood

Auda serves as a sound garden that uses the resonance of wood to create an audio experience

Innovation World’s First Electric Wooden Bike Debuts At NYCxDesign

Mixing innovation and sustainability, a Dutch bicycle company aims to entice people away from driving cars.

Work Room Carved From Wood Reveals The Beauty Of Fast Food Design [Pics]

Designed by Roxy Paine, Carcass is a large-scale diorama of a fast food chain’s kitchen, carved entirely out of wood.

Technology Rippled Wood Boards Map The Sounds Of New York City [Pics]

Artist takes a fresh approach to capturing the hustle and bustle of the most populous city in the United States.

Technology Life-Sized iPhone Critiques Society's Obsession [Video]

Somehow, seeing people touch real versions of iOS 6 design elements makes them seem more ridiculous.

Design Wooden Sunglasses Created Using Traditional Boat-Building Methods

Applying old world skills to a product usually focused on high-tech materials creates a classic look for this eyewear line.