Wooster Collective

Advertising New York's Hidden Gems Are Turned Into Inspiring Meeting Rooms

A new company hopes to take your meeting to spaces where great minds roam.

Design Artist Liu Bolin Hides Himself In Kenny Scharf Street Art In NYC

Chinese painter builds a whole new installation using a famous New York mural - and himself - as his medium.

Advertising Madrid Street Ad Takeover: Another Vision For Public Space

The aim of this project is to change perspectives of public behavior and space in our shared environments.

Work New Work From Banksy [Pics]

As seen in Hollywood, California, the infamous artist has been undergoing what could be seen as an informal publicity campaign for his Oscar nominated Exit Through The Gift Shop.

Video (Video) City As Canvas

Because Wooster Collective are launching a new book, we thought we'd repost the great talk they gave last year at PSFK CONFERENCE NYC 2009.

Design (Video) Trespass: A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art

Featuring over 150 different artists and performers, the book takes a broad look at the exciting, provocative and often not-so-legal art being produced in the public spaces of the world's cities.

Work (Books) Urban Interventions: Public Art In A Post-Graffiti World

Die Gestalten's book explores the world of public art.

Design (Pics) A Street Art Optical Illusion

An unknown artist has hidden a subtle piece of art amongst fence slats in Berlin.

(Video) Banksy Film Preview: The World's First Street Art Disaster Movie

Wooster Collective has confirmed that Banksy's first film will premiere at Sundance this year.

Advertising Positive Advertising: The Appropriated Poster Campaign

The Appropriated Poster Campaign is a public art installation where traditional bus stop billboards are transformed into something positive and meaningful.