Technology Researchers Crowdsource The Evolution Of The English Language

A dialect app maps the evolution of words and phrases through data

Design Watch’s Minute Hand Spells Out The Time In English

Designer Daniel Will-Harris’ watch displays the time with words like "past" and "till".

Words Fly: A Love Affair With Writing (Not Typing) [Headlines]

The author explains why handwriting is an artistic ritual, why ambiguity bends to beauty, and why we should perhaps pick up a quill.

World's Biggest Apple Store Opens In Grand Central [Headlines]

The space currently occupied by Charlie Palmer’s Metrazur restaurant in NYC's Grand Central Terminal will become the world's largest Apple store in about 4 months.

Advertising Grant McCracken: Sublime, Rise And Fall Of An Indispensable Idea

Google’s Ngram is out. Everyone is plugging in words.

Advertising (Video) Exploring Language With Visual Wordplay

Will Hoffman and Daniel Mercadante created a moving film to accompany a Radiolab episode called "Words."