Health Subawu+ app helps STEM students find study buddies and tutors

Subawu+ is an app designed to help STEM students find study partners and peer tutors. Created by a student at the University of Illinois, the app enables students to find nearby study partners with similar schedules in order to form study groups. Users can earn study points, which they can redeem for special deals around campus.

Wellness Superior North EMS paramedics alleviates work-related mental issues with peer support app

Superior North EMS, paramedics in Ontario, Canada, created a peer support platform that connects colleagues who are experiencing the same issues, such as work-related PTSD. The service is available 24/7, allowing paramedics to use an app to connect with mental health professionals as well as a peer support network, indicating how they would like to be contacted, such as via text or phone call. Supervisors can also recommend that the peer support team contact a specific paramedic who has recently experienced a particularly difficult call.

Beauty Sephora champions inclusivity with company-wide employee training

In response to customer feedback, cosmetics retailer Sephora closed its stores, distribution centers and corporate offices to host an inclusion training workshop for its 16,000 US employees. The workshop coincided with the unveiling of its brand platform and tagline “We Belong To Something Beautiful,” meant to outline Sephora’s commitment to championing diversity and self-expression.

Home Lowe’s supports young people in skilled trade endeavors

Home improvement retailer Lowe’s is leading a group of 60 companies working to teach trade skills to young people. The program, called Generation T, is meant to improve job prospects for underprivileged people and shrink the gap in the skilled trade labor market, which could have three million vacancies by the end of the next decade.

Automotive Lyft's Jobs Access Program provides free and subsidized rides to members seeking job training and interviews

Ridesharing company Lyft’s Jobs Access Program provides free and subsidized rides to members seeking job training and trying to get to interviews. On top of those rides, the company will also provide up to three weeks of subsidized rides to those users, which is meant to keep them mobile until they receive their first paychecks.

Design Asana offers a user experience that helps teams effectively manage their human resources

Team management platform Asana is designed to help teams effectively manage their human resources and combat employee burnout by offering a single view into projects, allowing managers to easily reassign and postpone tasks, quantify overall efforts and set alerts when the workload exceeds an employee's preset capacity.

Case Study Space Stockholm Is A Seven-Story Hub Transforming The Face Of Esports

With 500 gaming stations and an 800-seat arena, plus studios, coworking and gyms, the just-announced Space will be esports' biggest stage yet

Innovation Wellness Startup Beddr Partners With Businesses To Offer Employees Better Sleep

Beddr, a sleep monitor startup that launched last year, is now offering its devices to employers in the latest work-focused wellness deal

Analysis These Services Build Connections Between Seniors And Young People

From housing to networking to cooking, brand-new experiences are now catering to Baby Boomers who want to connect with other generations

Brand Activation & Immersion CarMax Helps Customers Skip The Dealership With An Entirely At-Home Purchase Experience

Customers can now have their car delivered to home or work thanks to CarMax, which is unrolling a completely remote retail experience that prioritizes personalization

Baby Boomers Seniors Are Re-Entering The Workforce Thanks To Retailers Like McDonald's

Whether to seek meaningful connections or make a bit of extra money, Baby Boomers are redefining retirement, and brands are accordingly tailoring jobs to include this group

Luxury Inside The Booth That Turns The Office Into A Meditation Studio

In a collaboration between booth brand ROOM and meditation app Calm, a new product allows workers to practice mindfulness in the office

Features These Brands Are Reimagining The Way Consumers Plan For Retirement

Planning for retirement is often a stressful process, but these brands are working to make it easier through outreach and planning tools