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Advertising PSFK is Hiring: Researcher / Strategist Consultant

Work with companies like Google, Intel, Nike, Samsung and Target

Editors Pick PSFK Launches the Mobile Commerce Playbook with Paypal's Braintree

Report offers recommendations for startups, brands and retailers as they look to create best-in-class mobile commerce experiences that sync with today's consumer lifestyles

Home Human-Powered 'Alfred' Operating System Helps with Daily Tasks

An automatic to-do service that actually does the job is officially open for business in New York and Boston

Innovation Best of 2014: Communication Charts Help You Negotiate In Different Cultures

British linguist Richard D. Lewis created diagrams that capture negotiating characteristics across 27 different countries

Design Best of 2014: J. Crew's Hand-Written Ad Is Customer Service Perfection

Creative Director Jenna Lyons writes a full-page thank you note to a fan

Advertising Platform for Consumers to Share Product Ideas with Brands

Braineet enables the public to interact with their favorite companies in an effort to create new products shaped towards consumer interest

Technology Onyx Personal Communication Device a Modern 'Star Trek' Badge

OnBeep's debut product is a wearable voice communication tool that allows groups to collaborate in real-time

Design Store Contacts in the Cloud with Real-Time Digital Business Card

Keep your friends and connections list up-to-date and private with 'Olocode' service

Work Offbeat Office Desk Charges Your Phone Through its Surface

The Katedra combines a futuristic design with hi-tech functionality

Work Sound-Absorbent Screen System Styled as Office Decor

Visually attractive panels make it easy to carve out an oasis of tranquilty

Partner Content Take a Peek Inside The Barbarian Group's New York Hub

PSFK visited the Barbarian Group's office in October to talk about collaboration, learning-by-doing and David Bowie

Design Balance Lamp Keeps Phone Away While You Work

This design will ask you to give up your mobile device in exchange for office space light

Design World’s Thinnest iPad Mount Preserves Gadget Aesthetic with Support

MagBak protects a tablet with silicone pads on the back while allowing users to mount it to most metal surfaces

Work Rethinking Office Space with Unconventional Work Environment Exhibition

The right types of furniture can confront boredom and shake up hierarchy