Features How Apple, Reebok And More Are Integrating Health & Wellness Programs Into The Workplace

Brands are helping their employees achieve their wellness goals by providing them with on-site fitness and health tools, from office gyms and clinics to partnering with mobile dental services

Health How Companies From Amazon To Delos Are Incorporating Biophilic Office Design To Support Employee Wellness

Offices are increasingly emphasizing natural elements like greenery and sunlight in their workspaces to promote the health, productivity and happiness of employees

Beauty How Companies Are Using Immersive Education To Train Employees

From mobile-app onboarding to VR escape-room training experiences, major corporations worldwide are turning to the latest interactive and engaging technologies to better prepare their employees for their new jobs

Retail How Brands Are Improving Employee Efficiency By Enabling Hybrid Workstreams

Equipping employees with advanced tools, businesses are enabling workers to complete their tasks more efficiently and safely, improving the employee experience while raising workplace productivity

Technology Social Club Offers A Space For Tech Builders To Collaborate

Betaworks is opening a social club in New York in the hopes of connecting like-minded techies

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel As A High-End Perk, Coworking Space Offers Private Jets To Members

Servcorp is giving its members the opportunity to travel by private jet for business trips

Work Amazon Is Sending Alexa To The Workplace

The intelligent assistant aims to make office tasks simpler

Advertising Chanel Hosted An All-Female Pop-Up Club In NYC's SoHo

The luxury brand turned The Wing coworking space into a clubhouse

Design Empathy Question Cards Build Trust In The Workplace

Coworkers can use this deck of cards from Sub Rosa to get to know each other and settle problems in the workplace more productively

Advertising A New Type Of Workplace Is Rising In NYC's Sunset Park

Offices find an unlikely and dynamic home in Brooklyn's Industry City

Work Overstock Founder: To Innovate, Get Employees To Participate

Patrick M. Byrne, founder of Overstock, discusses how the future of the workplace is really about the future of workers, fostering the kind of collaboration that comes from informal day-to-day connections creativity and camaraderie.

Consumer Goods Artificial Intelligence Reinvents Staples' Easy Button

IBM Watson collaborated with the office supply brand to make "that was easy" even easier

Design Rolling Workspace Screens Help Inspire Office Creativity

Japanese design firm Nendo has created a series of rolling workplace screens intended to encourage abstract thinking and collaboration

Op-Ed The Future Of Presentations Are Adaptive And Follow Natural Conversation

James Ontra, CEO of Shufflrr, explains how future presentations will be better at automating content and following the conversation