Delivery & Logistics Amazon Patented A Wristband That Tracks Warehouse Workers' Movements

Bracelet, which can vibrate to point an employee’s hand in the right direction, would further increase surveillance of work environments

Design This Cloud-Based Medical Wristband Could Save Your Life In An Emergency

The wearable could help medical professionals diagnose and treat patients more quickly and efficiently

Technology This Wristband Helps The Visually Impaired Navigate With Sonar Technology

The Sunu Band vibrates in response to nearby objects to enable people to feel their surroundings through their wrists

Health Stress-Relieving Wristbands Help Users Approach Challenges With A Clear Mind

TouchPoints helps wearers alter their responses to stress and anxiety through gentle vibrations

Advertising Coca-Cola's Detachable Labels Give Access To Music Festivals

The marketing campaign includes eight label designs and the chance for Romanian teens to win free concert passes

Entertainment Sony's Experimental Wristband Transforms Body Movements Into Sound

The Motion Sonic project translates motion into one of five presets

Children McDonald's Is Encouraging Kids To Play With Free Activity Trackers

Inspired by the summer Olympics, the fast food chain is handing out pedometers instead of toys in their Happy Meals

Automotive Vibrating Wristband Keeps Bikers Safe And Under The Speed Limit

WOOLF ensures that motorcyclists can say goodbye to tickets

Gaming & Play Virtually Tether Your Kids To Your Phone With This Wristband

The accessory gives children the freedom to play without their parents worrying too much about their whereabouts

Health This Wristband Can Predict Asthma Attacks

Researchers at North Carolina State University created an integrated, connected device to help people who suffer from respiratory issues

Design For Those Not Ready for Wearables: A Wrist Chalkboard Accessory

To-Do is a personal task manager that provides an accessible, handcrafted reminder where smartwatches now rule

Innovation Jawbone Enhances the Workplace with Data Driven Motivation

With Up for Groups, companies can gamify everyday activities to incentivize co-workers to be more healthy and efficient

Technology Never Miss a Call Again with Cheap Wearable Ditto

The Ditto is a wearable clip that vibrates when you need to check your phone

Retail PSFK Gift Guide Spotlight: Kapture

Retroactively preserve desired audio memories with the push of a button