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Features What Stopped Nintendo's Last Console From Being A Success?

Nintendo has ceased production of Wii U less than five years after its launch. What went wrong, and what will be its legacy?

Gaming & Play The Simpsons Head To Minecraft

Cartoon content pack will be released for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of the hugely popular video game

Design Game Designer Wants To Replace Videogame Consoles With Smartphones

Green Throttle Games is developing a system to transform an Android smartphone in to a full gaming console with up to four controllers.

Advertising Xbox Transforms European Castle Into A Real-Life Halo 4 Game [Video]

Microsoft creates an immersive experience for the launch of their latest iteration of the popular video game.

Innovation Improve Those Dribbling Skills In The Living Room With Kinect

NBA Baller Beats lets players show off their ball handling technique using a real basketball, to the beat of an eclectic soundtrack.

Home Nike+ Kinect Training Lets Users Work Out With LeBron In Their Living Room

New training program for the Xbox 360 will motivate users to train better in their homes with help from LeBron James and Rafael Nadal.

Partner Content Are We Moving Toward A More Natural Future With Technology?

Steve Clayton, the editor of the Next at Microsoft blog, shares his thoughts on the growing trend of Natural User Interfaces.

Technology Xbox 360 Becomes An Entertainment Center With Voice-Activated Features

Microsoft's gaming console utilizes Kinect to revolutionize home entertainment.

Syndicated Japan Builds Kinect-Powered Robotic Guide Dog

A robotic seeing-eye dog uses Microsoft's XBox 360 Kinect peripheral and will be released commercially in 2020.

Gaming & Play Microsoft Transforms The Xbox Into An Entertainment Console

The gaming console could become more popular with couch potatoes as it partners with 40 entertainment providers.

Gaming & Play Microsoft Launches Xbox TV Service [Headlines]

Xbox 360 games console to offer on-demand entertainment from BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Lovefilm in the UK.

Syndicated The Work Of Microsoft Research

Microsoft Research recently celebrated their 20 year anniversary. Here's an inside look into the worldwide research labs' work.

Design A Game Designer’s Budget-Friendly Alternative: Kinect Turntable 3D Scanner

This Xbox Kinect hack uses the sensor as a 3D scanner that renders digital images of solid objects -- perfect for game designers on a budget.

Technology Why We Fight: How Cyberpsychology Can Change Gaming Experiences

Can moral ambiguity lead to more engaging video game experiences?