Analysis How High-Tech Brands Like Xiaomi Are Making London A Digital Retail Hub

From PSFKs 2019 London Retail Innovation Guide, these four stores and activations are must-sees for tech-loving tourists and Londoners alike

Consumer Goods Electronics Company Branches Out To Offer Shoppers 'Everything' Store

Chinese tech retailer Xiaomi is offering customers affordable lifestyle products and accessories like apparel, kitchenware and furniture in its 'Mi Stores' to drive engagement as well as build a brand ecosystem

Design These Shoes Function As Fitness Trackers With Invisible Tech

Wearers can ditch the wristband with affordable connected running sneakers from Chinese tech companies Xiaomi and Amazfit

Advertising Ceramic Phone Features A Completely Edge-To-Edge Screen

The Philippe Starck-designed device for Xiaomi goes almost bezel-less and uses ceramic, making it strong and elegant

Retail XiaoMi Is Expanding To The U.S. And Beyond With Three New Products

The Chinese mobile brand ambitiously announced that they would begin selling in the United States, starting with three new models

Design Screenless, Voice-Controlled Phone Claims To Be The Future Of Communication

This futuristic deign is made for a time when speech recognition is highly accurate and deeply embedded within society so much so that other controls aren’t necessary.

Automotive IoT-Enabled Folding Bike Designed For Overcrowded Cities

Electronics manufacturer Xiaomi's Mi QiCycle is targeted at solving problems for Chinese commuters in densely populated areas

Home The “Apple of China” Bolsters Its Smart Home Network with Water Purifier

Xiaomi tries to help reduce China's plastic footprint with smart Mi Water Purifier