Podcast Podcast: YourStudio On The Post-Instagram Retail Experience

In this episode, founder of London-based design agency YourStudio explains how retail is moving into an era of valuing experiences over selling products, and why stores should prioritize the creation of authentic interaction that goes beyond social media 'share-ability' to offer immersive, dynamic moments

Beauty YourStudio Revamps Well Pharmacy To Enable Efficient In-Store Customer Journey

While the efficiency of ecommerce can be tough for brick and mortar to compete with, London-based design agency YourStudio is helping Well Pharmacy do so by enhancing its store design, optimizing locations of different features to reduce wait times and enable on-demand assistance

Analysis NYRIW Preview: YourStudio Co-Founder On Enabling Next-Gen, Post-Instagram Experiential Retail

Before speaking at an NYRIW retail design panel on Tuesday, January 15, Howard Sullivan, creative director and co-founder of the award-winning YourStudio, explains how his agency designs in-store retail experiences for retailers like Topshop, Pret A Manger, Birchbox and more that captivate, inspire and engage in an age of social media saturation and digital overload