Brand Activation & Immersion Pop-Up Bakery Offers Customers Mental Health Support

Lidl Ireland and the National Centre for Youth Mental Health are teaming up with an awareness-raising baked goods drive to provide mental health support for the community while collecting funds for the foundation in the process

Design Structure Redefines What A Homeless Shelter Means

Eva's Phoenix’s architectural design reinforces the organization’s mission of helping youth stay off the streets

Advertising Smart Rubber Ducky Serves as Bath Time Teacher

Edwin the Duck is smarter than your average rubber ducky

Technology Slap-Bracelet Fitness Tracker Encourages Kids To Exercise

Wearable tech from KidFit helps kids learn about the value of physical activity.

Gaming & Play Newest LEGO Set Merges Physical And Virtual Play

The new LEGO Fusion sets lets kids interact with the real world and augmented reality.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Paris To Launch Bike Sharing For Kids

Scaled-down bicycles get kids involved with eco-friendly initiatives early.

Editors Pick Who Are The Trendsetters Driving The Future Of Video?

A group of young trendsetters are shaping the success of online video sharing.

Work 3D Printer For Kids Makes Cutting Edge Tech Accessible And Fun

Printeer is designed to make the technology usable in schools and social programs.

LEGO Recreations Of Banksy Works You Can Play With

'Bricksy' is a set of reproductions of famous street art from photographer Jeff Friesen.

Design Auto-Balance Bike Teaches Kids To Ride Without Training Wheels

British company creates a bicycle that is nearly impossible to topple.

Design Wooden Blocks Teach Children The Art Of Sushi [Pics]

Beautifully crafted toys encourage kids to learn about Japanese cooking.

Advertising Coke's New Campus Bottle Forces Freshman To Make A Friend To Open It

Teamwork is the only way to gain access to this carbonated beverage.

Editors Pick Top Photos From PSFK CONFERENCE 2014

With our annual event nearly a month behind us, we look back at a day of inspiration and insight in pictures.

Work Cardboard Bookbags Unfold Into Desks For Schoolchildren

Aarambh converted discarded boxes into classroom furniture that can also be used as school bags for developing nations.