Automotive Lyft Is Paying Chicago Residents To Ditch Driving For 30 Days

The ride-sharing service wants to draw attention to the reduced cost of using its services over owning a car, offering participants $550 in credit and encouraging social media shares

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Zipcar and Zagster are creating sponsored programs across 500 U.S. college campuses

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Groupon gets a redesign as the purpose of Google's mystery barge off the coast of San Francisco is revealed.

Innovation What Are The Potential Pitfalls Of Collaborative Consumption? [Headlines]

A recent study with Zipcar shows that people are less inclined to take care of products they share compared to if they owned them.

Zipcar Decides To Purchase Fleet Of Cars In Barcelona [Headlines]

The car share service is expanding its holdings in order to reach a global audience.

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The Collaborative Fund shows you how effective sharing a car can be, as well as global and historical trends.

Zipcar Spreads To 36 New College Campuses [Headlines]

The car-sharing company's university program expanded rapidly under a partnership with Ford.

Advertising Zipcar Partners With Ford For Its University Program

Ford will supply its vehicles to Zipcar locations at over 250 campuses in the U.S.

Design Analog Music Sharing In The Zipcar Network

The idea for Take a CD, Leave a CD was developed by designer Bernard Barry after finding an album, presumably left behind on accident, in a Zipcar he recently rented.

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The YOXI platform is helping to spread new ideas around bike sharing and community.

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An interesting effort from Zipcar in Baltimore.

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