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  • 42 Technologies

42 Technologies is a business intelligence tool built for multi channel retailer decision makers. We offer an end-to-end retail solution for one of the industry’s biggest internal business problems. Data is spread out among different sources making it difficult to access and is often inaccurate. Most existing tools are too technical and not built for the people actually using the product. These inefficiencies make it very difficult and time consuming for retailers to get the answers they need to make decisions. With a team of backgrounds in retail and data science, 42 Technologies was created to support the industry in an innovative and comprehensive way. Backed by Y Combinator, 42 offers centralized data warehousing and reporting tools to allow executives, merchants, and store managers alike to find information in seconds. The platform uses data mining and machine learning to generate insights that help retailers grow sales, reduce markdowns, and optimize store operations. We merge and clean all your data from separate systems. From ERPs to eComm, retailer portals to POS, we are able to ingest any business data. We help retailers such as AllSaints, The Frye Company, and Rebecca Minkoff grow revenue and optimize assortment. The platform helps multichannel brands in apparel, handbags, jewelry, accessories, kids, home, and more; generate real-time reports in 1-3 seconds instead of hours. We empower hundreds of retail users with intuitive reporting and accurate data to gain the insights so they can better allocate their resources when it comes to merchandising and planning. 42 was named one of the top 3 companies for the first ever LVMH Innovation Award, was part of the Sephora Accelerate Program, and the co-founders were named Forbes 30 under 30 in the Retail and E-Commerce category.

  • LiSA
    LiSA offers a range of social commerce solutions, including shoppable livestreams and interactive product demonstrations.
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  • Wearisama Wearisama
    Wearisma is an AI-driven fashion intelligence platform that enables brands to understand and engage with their customers in real-time.
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  • StorIQ StorIQ
    StorIQ is a retail intelligence platform that helps retailers make data-driven decisions to maximize growth and efficiency.
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  • Olvin Olvin
    Olvin is a revolutionary solution provider to the retail and real estate sectors, offering a self-serve platform to democratize access to world-class foot traffic analytics. Powered by years of historical data and cutting edge AI & ML techniques, our platform provides instant and affordable predictive insights to help businesses make informed decisions. Our data products […]
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  • Edgify Edgify
    Edgify is a solution provider to the retail sector that provides retail AI technology with the ability to run Deep learning and AI training directly on the edge. Edgify’s platform allows retailers to implement a range of solutions to minimize loss, reduce time spent at the checkout, and improve the overall customer experience. Edgify’s unique […]
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  • Dressipi Dressipi
    Dressipi is a leading provider of personalized ecommerce solutions for the retail sector. By leveraging the unique complexities of fashion, including seasonality, trends, body types, and taste, Dressipi helps retailers to show each visitor the items they are most likely to buy – and keep. Products are automatically tagged with 3x more detail, data is […]
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