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  • 84.51°

84.51° is a retail data science, insights and media company that leverages first party retail data from nearly 1 of 2 US households, along with data from more than two billion transactions, to create personalized and valuable experiences for shoppers across the path to purchase.

84.51° Capabilities:

-Create results-driving shopper insights and activation strategies
-Leverage first party retail data and two billion transactions
-Power the retail media advertising solution behind Kroger Precision Marketing

Types of Clients 84.51° Works With:

84.51° works with the Kroger Company, consumer packaged goods companies, agencies, publishers and affiliated partners across the grocery, health, beauty and personal care categories.

  • Ykone Ykone
    Founded in 2008, Ykone is a leading partner worldwide for brands to produce impactful stories, content and influencer marketing campaigns
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    UNiDAYS is the leading student and GenZ affinity network with a verified global audience of 21MM. UNiDAYS takes some of the world’s biggest beauty, fashion, technology and wellness brands into the hearts and minds of tomorrow’s professionals, delivering engagement, loyalty and tangible business value. By personalizing the shopping experience with bespoke offers and creative content […]
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  • StyleSage StyleSage
    StyleSage is an AI-powered analytics company that enables today’s digital fashion, beauty, and home brands to improve profitability, optimize their assortments, and increase their speed to market.  Our lines of product include: market intelligence analytics platform and an image-based “Amazon-like” product matching. StyleSage has global clients that collectively represent over $100B of business in the […]
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  • Cooler Screens Cooler Screens
    Cooler Screens uses interactive digital displays to replace the glass doors in store cooler aisles, transforming retail cooler surfaces into IoT enabled displays and helping to create next-generation point- of-sale media platforms for retailers. The digital IoT smart screens deliver in-store retail media, merchandising and other valuable information to consumers, creating a seamless shopping experience. […]
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