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  • Appointedd

Appointedd is a revolutionary online booking and scheduling solution provider that offers businesses of all sizes the flexibility and power they need to streamline their operations. Founded in 2011, Appointedd has transformed online booking into something extraordinary, empowering customers around the world to book anything, anywhere in as little as two taps. Appointedd has built a suite of features that helps companies create the best customer experience, increase efficiency, and improve revenue. With an easy setup process, 24/7 live chat support, and powerful reporting, Appointedd is trusted by leading brands worldwide to deliver connected, bespoke, and flexible scheduling solutions. We offer our clients the ability to take bookings in any language, timezone, and currency, while our open API allows for easy integration with any existing system.

Appointedd Capabilities

• Online appointment scheduling
• Automated appointment reminders
• Client management tools
• Online payments and invoicing
• Customizable booking forms
• Multi-location support
• Multi-staff support
• Automated waiting list
• Customizable booking rules
• Integration with Zapier, Xero, and other third-party software
• Customizable email and SMS notifications
• Advanced reporting and analytics
• Automated appointment cancellations
• Mobile-friendly interface
• HIPAA compliant

Appointedd Clients & Case Studes

Appointedd works with a wide range of clients across multiple sectors, from retail to health and beauty to professional services. Their retail clients use Appointedd to manage their bookings, payments, and marketing efforts, streamlining their operations and driving customer loyalty. For example, a luxury lingerie boutique in the UK used Appointedd to switch to online bookings and manage their online store, resulting in a 30% increase in sales. Appointedd also helps retail stores to develop loyalty programs, track customer behavior, and easily manage appointment scheduling. Appointedd’s retail customers have seen a significant increase in repeat customers and bookings, making it easier than ever to run their businesses.