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  • Attabotics

Attabotics provides a 3D robotics supply chain solution for modern commerce. Customers now have the choice to install Attabotics’ technology at their facilities or use Attabotics’ pick, pack and delivery services at multi-tenant micro fulfillment centers. Its all-in-one fulfillment system transforms the aisles, rows, and conveyor belts of traditional warehouses into a single, vertical storage and retrieval structure. With the solution’s hyper density and low latency, true micro-sized automated fulfillment centers can be placed in urban areas and respond to consumers demands (fast and free delivery, vast product selection, seamless return…) while reducing cost of delivery and carbon impact. Attabotics has been adopted by major brands including luxury department store Nordstrom, and other retailers across apparel, food & beverage, and home goods. Attabotics is now opening and operating multi tenant Micro Fulfillment centers do help brands that do not have sufficient scale to operate their own. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.