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  • Automat Kitchen

Automat Kitchen is an American dining icon remade with patented technologies and modern foods. Our delivery system streamlines all processes, where made-to-order meals are delivered through our food locker technology. Customers order and retrieve their food through an entirely touchless experience. Our brand and technology represents the future of food service.

  • PourMyBeer PourMyBeer
    PourMyBeer’s founder, Josh Goodman went all-in on self-service when he walked away from a 6 figure sales career to start his self-service beverage company in 2015. Thanks to PourMyBeer, you can now pour your own beer, wine & cocktails in over 300 locations across the United States.
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    NEXTEP, a Global Payments Company, offers a complete, integrated Food Service and QSR hospitality experience for guests and staff that includes Self-Order Kiosks, Mobile Ordering, POS, and Digital Signage. With NEXTEP, guests order wherever and however they choose. The fully-integrated NEXTEP experience empowers guests to order food and check out faster, resulting in higher sales […]
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  • Agora Brands Group Agora Brands Group
    Agora Brands Group is developing Avatars as a Service to fill the growing gap in demand for quality customer service support, and to help firms adapt to a world of and after COVID-19 in the food services, retail, eldercare, healthcare and travel and hospitality industries.
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