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  • Chronomics

Chronomics is pioneering bio-infrastructure, the connective tissue comprised of technology, science, and operations that facilitates the design, delivery and access to biological information. What is bio-infrastructure? Bio-infrastructure acts as the connective tissue needed to facilitate the design, delivery and access to biological (molecular) information. It includes API enabled software and hardware – as well as operational and scientific processes to utilize them optimally. We work with our clients to customize our bio-infrastructure offering to best serve their desired business impact. The world is at the dawn of a ‘bio-revolution’ – with science set to transform our lives in the coming decades. And yet today, accessing biological information – and making it actionable – is complex, costly and cumbersome. The revolution needs an engine – and we are building it. We design and deploy ‘bio-infrastructure’ across more than a dozen verticals, i.e. telehealth, health wellness and retail, to simplify, speed-up and scale the use of biomarkers to improve everyday decisions. Together with our clients, we can power diagnostics for telehealth; create scientific diet plans; transforming how people sleep; customise skincare and fitness routines; and facilitate safe travel and work during COVID-19. So what is the offering? Our scientists from the world’s leading research universities and business expert team will review your requirements and provide a list of biomarkers with the potential to bring the most value to your end customers. Science team holds a portfolio of more than 1000 ready-to-integrate biomarker testing solutions, and can consult with you to tailor new biomarkers specific to your product and business objectives. Chronomics fully flexible end-to-end solution is able to serve any user case. Depending on the technological abilities and needs of our customers, we can offer either white label ready off the shelf solution (end to end) or provide API access for integration into their own systems.

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