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  • Discover Dollar

Discover Dollar is a leading global company that helps retailers and brands identify & recover hidden dollars in overpayment & leakages like pricing errors, missed discounts, and rebates by analyzing unstructured negotiations data like contracts and emails, invoices, purchase orders, and payments data using AI. We have delivered 4x ROI & saved $504 Million for partners Target, Metro C&C, Budweiser (ABInbev), & many Fortune 100 companies. Discover Dollar Serving industries, including Retail, Food & Beverage, Building Materials, Automotive, Hardware, Consumer durable, Healthcare, and helping our clients to: Click Here See what Fortune500 firms have to say about Discover Dollar’s success. Visit us at or connect with us at | +1 646 475 3344

  • White Label Loyalty White Label Loyalty
    White Label Loyalty is a leading enterprise loyalty and retention platform that provides the retail sector with an innovative and effective solution to build a deeper relationship with their customers. It offers an out-of-the-box solution that is simple to launch and run, and is focused on delivering a robust loyalty program with an advanced data-driven […]
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    The company connects car drivers and passengers with a curated list of merchants, restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores.
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  • AudioSpot AudioSpot
    Provides audio description information to visually impaired and blind guests about their environment.
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  • Fanbytes Fanbytes
    Fanbyte helps the most forward-thinking brands win the hearts of Gen Z
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  • Open Influence Open Influence
    Open Influence is a marketing company that helps brands and advertisers engage and grow their desired audiences through social media.
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  • Vee24 Vee24
    Vee24 is helping retailers accelerate their digital business by creating great person-to-person connections virtually. Vee24’s digital customer experience platform — powered by video and text chat; co-browsing; secure sharing with Basket Assist; online appointment scheduling; AI-enabled chatbots, and more — enables customer-centric teams to grow online sales, deliver better customer service, and build lasting brand […]
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