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  • Dressipi

Dressipi is a leading provider of personalized ecommerce solutions for the retail sector. By leveraging the unique complexities of fashion, including seasonality, trends, body types, and taste, Dressipi helps retailers to show each visitor the items they are most likely to buy – and keep. Products are automatically tagged with 3x more detail, data is crunched for accuracy, and fashion expertise is overlaid. This allows Dressipi customers to stay ahead of the competition and enjoy higher profits. Their long-standing clients are industry leaders and a testament to Dressipi’s commitment to delivering value quickly, with results that are always externally validated. Through the use of personalized recommendations and outfits, Dressipi has seen significant uplift across all of their clients’ KPIs with every solution they offer, including a +21% increase in profit, +12% increase in revenue, and -15% reduction in returns.

Dressipi Capabilities

• Ability to curate collections of fashion items from a variety of retailers
• Automated personalization of product recommendations using data collected from customers
• Ability to track customer preferences across multiple channels
• Utilization of AI-driven machine learning algorithms to improve accuracy of product recommendations
• Integration of customer feedback and reviews into product recommendations
• Ability to analyze customer data to uncover trends and identify opportunities for up-selling
• Provision of personalized product recommendations based on customer profiles
• Ability to track customer engagement with product recommendations
• Integration of digital analytics to measure the impact of product recommendations

Dressipi Clients & Case Studies

Dressipi works with a wide variety of clients in the retail industry, from large international fashion and luxury brands to smaller independent boutiques. They provide personalized fashion solutions and advice by leveraging data-driven insights and advanced technology. Some of their retail clients include John Lewis, Net-A-Porter, Paul Smith, and Finery. Dressipi’s work with these fashion and luxury brands has resulted in improved customer loyalty, increased sales, and better customer experiences. They have also carried out successful case studies with retailers such as House of Fraser, which resulted in a 19% increase in online sales and a 10% increase in average order value. Additionally, Dressipi has helped clients such as ASOS, River Island, and Reiss to increase customer engagement and loyalty.