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  • Duel

Duel is a leading software provider to the retail sector, helping brands to grow through their communities of passionate advocates. Their award-winning Brand Advocacy Platform allows brands to manage their customer base, influencers, and employees all under one platform. Duel’s platform combines different advocacy tools and allows brands to build rich customer loyalty programs. Founded by a world-record breaking adventurer and former brand ambassador, Duel has consulted with over 450 well-known brands including Amex, Travelex, M&S, Philips, Boots, Schuh and TopShop. With their innovative technology, Duel is helping to drive organic growth, increase awareness, and loyalty for brands.

Duel Capabilities
Duel provides a wide range of services to help organizations achieve their goals and objectives, including:
• Cloud storage and hosting of customer data
• AI and Machine Learning capabilities to drive business insights
• Automated data analysis to identify trends and opportunities
• Customized reporting to visualize data in an easy-to-understand format
• Data integration and data migration services
• Access to powerful analytics tools for data exploration and insights
• Real-time data streaming for faster decision-making
• Strategy and business consulting services to develop a data-driven strategy
• Advanced data security measures to protect customer data from unauthorized access

Duel Clients & Case Studes
Duel works with clients from a variety of industries, including retail. They have helped many retail clients reach their goals, from increasing revenue to optimizing operations. For example, they have worked with a major apparel retailer to create an enterprise-wide strategy to improve customer satisfaction and increase ROI. Through their comprehensive analysis and strategic recommendations, the retailer was able to increase customer satisfaction, reduce operating costs, and generate more revenue. In another case, they worked with a leading online luxury retailer to develop a comprehensive eCommerce and marketing strategy to drive sales and customer retention. Through their efforts, the retailer achieved higher online sales, increased customer engagement, and improved customer satisfaction. Duel has the experience and expertise to help any retail client achieve their goals.

  • Edgify Edgify
    Edgify is a solution provider to the retail sector that provides retail AI technology with the ability to run Deep learning and AI training directly on the edge. Edgify’s platform allows retailers to implement a range of solutions to minimize loss, reduce time spent at the checkout, and improve the overall customer experience. Edgify’s unique […]
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  • Vee24 Vee24
    Vee24 is helping retailers accelerate their digital business by creating great person-to-person connections virtually. Vee24’s digital customer experience platform — powered by video and text chat; co-browsing; secure sharing with Basket Assist; online appointment scheduling; AI-enabled chatbots, and more — enables customer-centric teams to grow online sales, deliver better customer service, and build lasting brand […]
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  • Contentsquare Contentsquare
    Contentsquare delivers powerful insights about customers’ behavior across channels, helping companies understand how people interact with their brand and drive meaningful change. With AI-driven technology, we help our clients gain deep understanding of their customers, so they can improve experiences, increase conversion rates and build loyalty. Our solutions enable organizations to achieve operational excellence through […]
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