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  • Edgify

Edgify is a solution provider to the retail sector that provides retail AI technology with the ability to run Deep learning and AI training directly on the edge. Edgify’s platform allows retailers to implement a range of solutions to minimize loss, reduce time spent at the checkout, and improve the overall customer experience. Edgify’s unique framework allows each device to learn and share both independently and collaboratively, eliminating the need for data transfers. With Edgify, retailers can enjoy the benefits of AI solutions with minimal cost and effort.

Edgify Capabilities

  • AI-Powered Video Analytics: Edgify harnesses the power of AI and deep learning to enable robust video analytics capabilities, including object recognition, facial recognition, and analytics for understanding patterns and trends in video footage.
  • Real-Time Video Alerts: Edgify provides real-time alerts for suspicious activities or objects in a video feed, such as unusual movement or an object that’s out of place.
  • Video Security: Edgify offers comprehensive video security solutions, including video surveillance, access control, and advanced analytics for threat detection.
  • Cloud-Based Video Storage: Edgify provides cloud-based video storage, allowing users to store and access video footage from any device.
  • Automated Incident Response: Edgify’s automated incident response system allows users to quickly respond to incidents and minimize the impact of any security breach.
  • Scalable Platform: Edgify’s scalable platform allows users to customize the system to fit their needs, making it easy to scale up or down as needed.

Edgify Clients & Case Studies
Edgify works with a variety of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to small startups, all of whom are looking for ways to create a more personalized and engaging customer experience. We help them use the power of AI and machine learning to deliver actionable insights and measurable results. In the retail space, Edgify has worked with major brands such as Sephora, Topshop, and Zara to create a more engaging and personal shopping experience. Edgify’s AI-powered recommendations have increased customer engagement, improved customer satisfaction, and boosted sales. In addition, Edgify’s AI-driven analytics platform has enabled retailers to gain a better understanding of their shoppers, identify emerging trends, and optimize their operations.