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  • Google

This major technology company offers many opportunities for brands, including:

Google Lens
AI-powered software that can detect an object through a mobile phone’s camera and prompt unique actions or suggestions.

Google Assistant
Google’s life-like voice-based assistant, which is currently connected to over 400 million devices, lets brands build Actions to connect directly with its users

Google Maps Platform
Google’s recently revamped Google Maps API Platform includes maps-based, industry-specific solutions, such as asset tracking and ridesharing

Google ARCore
Google’s AR platform for Android was released in 2018 and already has more than 60 app releases from major brands

  • NewStore NewStore
    NewStore is the only integrated platform offering omnichannel solutions for stores and consumers to deliver amazing shopping experiences, everywhere.
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  • Nuance Communications Nuance Communications
    Nuance retail solutions provide a conversational omnichannel shopper experience across voice and digital, through self-service or live agents, powered by proven AI and biometric security. They offer consistent, seamless dialogs that leverage prediction and recommendation engines to better personalize the customer journey and meet the elevated expectations of today’s consumers. Nuance delivers easily integrated solutions […]
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    Fit:Match provides fit technology software that matches people to clothes using artificial intelligence and human subjectivity tests. By combining 3D, AI and machine learning, FIT:MATCH offers a shopping match platform that solves the “hit or miss” nature of apparel retail for brands and consumers. In addition, with their Fit-Predictive Personalization Solution, FIT:MATCH uses biometric and […]
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