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  • Hitachi Solutions America

Hitachi Solutions is a global Microsoft solutions integrator passionate about developing and delivering solutions that support our retail and CPG clients’ business transformation initiatives. Our #1 goal is to be a trusted digital advisor that helps modernize data and operations to drive growth and innovation, increase efficiency and profitability, reduce costs and churn, and enhance personalization and customer experience. With nearly two decades of real-world industry experience, we have gained a deep understanding of cloud migration and digital transformation. Our breadth of expertise allows us to guide retail and CPG clients through their digital journey — from readiness assessment to value discovery to strategic road mapping to design and delivery to support. Our 3,000+ team members across 14 countries, combined with 100% focus on Microsoft technologies and platforms, is how we deliver expert services and quality, retail and CPG-focused cloud solutions that make clients more responsive and competitive. We have earned, and continue to maintain, a strong strategic relationship with Microsoft. We are one of a select few partners who deliver complete and transformative solutions across all of Microsoft’s offerings and business applications. This ensures our clients are able to get the most value from their Microsoft investments. As part of Hitachi, Ltd., our company has the long and rich history of innovation, financial power, and international presence of one of the world’s largest companies. Since 1910, Hitachi, Ltd. has been a leader that supports industry and social infrastructure around the globe through 303,000 employees in over 100 countries and across 864 companies. Our heritage, organizational strength, technical expertise, and years of industry experience is the concrete foundation Hitachi Solutions leverages to help clients succeed in today’s complex and highly-competitive retail and CPG markets.

  • LiSA
    LiSA offers a range of social commerce solutions, including shoppable livestreams and interactive product demonstrations.
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  • Wearisama Wearisama
    Wearisma is an AI-driven fashion intelligence platform that enables brands to understand and engage with their customers in real-time.
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    VST is a cutting-edge technology solutions provider to the retail sector, specializing in helping brands and retailers win with shoppers. Using technology, research methodologies, data science, and machine learning, VST has built a suite of retail solutions that enable brands and retailers to test and validate new ideas, predict performance, and influence the shelf. Their […]
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  • Tenzo Tenzo
    Tenzo is helping to make faster, smarter decisions and improve communication and gross margin.
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  • StorIQ StorIQ
    StorIQ is a retail intelligence platform that helps retailers make data-driven decisions to maximize growth and efficiency.
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  • Spirable Spirable
    Spirable is a pioneering creative performance platform that enables brands and agencies to unlock the power of data-driven video marketing
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