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  • Increasingly

Increasingly is a leading AI-driven solution provider to the retail sector. They provide retailers with cutting edge technology to boost their Average Order Value (AOV) and create frictionless shopping experiences. Powered by Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision models, their platform intelligently sells bundles and collections on-site, in-store and on Google Shopping and Facebook ads. Their technology has been proven to increase AOV by up to 30%, inspired by Amazon’s famous ‘frequently bought together’ feature. Their mission is to bring Amazon-like precision to the rest of eCommerce and give customers a super-convenient, hyper-relevant, online experience.

Increasingly Capabilities
• Automation and personalization of sales & marketing processes
• Improved customer segmentation
• Automated customer onboarding
• Predictive analytics
• A/B testing
• Automated email campaigns
• Automated lead scoring
• Automated lead nurturing
• Enhanced customer support
• Intuitive customer journey tracking
• Integrated data platform
• Real-time insights and reporting
• Automated retargeting

Increasingly Clients & Case Studes
Increasingly works with a wide range of clients across many sectors, including retail. Their retail clients are typically in the fashion, luxury, beauty, and lifestyle space. They provide their clients with a comprehensive strategic plan, as well as technical solutions including AI-powered product recommendations, customer segmentation, and more. Their retail clients have seen success in higher average order values, increased customer engagement, and lower return rates. For example, one of their retail clients, a luxury fashion retailer, was able to increase their average order value by 7%, as well as cut their return rate by 15%. Additionally, their AI-powered product recommendations helped them increase their customer engagement by 30%, resulting in a strong overall increase in revenue.

  • Upfluence Upfluence
    Find creators for your brand, nurture influencer relationships, manage your affiliate network, and drive more sales with the leading influencer marketing platform.
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  • Weezmo Weezmo
    Weezmo provides marketing insights for brick-and-mortar retailers, helping them increase their revenue by optimizing their in-store to online customer journey (and vice versa.) With this full visibility, retailers can improve both their online campaigns and in-store experience and get an accurate ROI.
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  • Unsupervised Unsupervised
    Unsupervised automates analytics so marketing teams can get straight to that why, quickly pinpointing why metrics are moving the wrong direction and doubling down on what is working. With Unsupervised AI, customers from startups to the Fortune 50 are making data-backed decisions on the actions that most move the needle for their critical metrics without […]
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  • Fit Analytics, a Snap Inc. Company Fit Analytics, a Snap Inc. Company
    Fit Analytics, a Snap Inc. company, is the global leader in fit and sizing technology. Our platform uses the power of machine learning to give leading brands and retailers such as ASOS, Calvin Klein, Puma, and Tommy Hilfiger the tools they need to solve sizing, sell smarter, and turn data into actionable insights. Fit Analytics’ […]
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  • Contentsquare Contentsquare
    Contentsquare delivers powerful insights about customers’ behavior across channels, helping companies understand how people interact with their brand and drive meaningful change. With AI-driven technology, we help our clients gain deep understanding of their customers, so they can improve experiences, increase conversion rates and build loyalty. Our solutions enable organizations to achieve operational excellence through […]
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  • Retail Aware Retail Aware
    Retail Aware helps brands, retailers, and their partners track in-store shopper behavior data in real time. Their simple, retail friendly sensors can be attached to any product display or shelf, and can unlock performance data and erase the need for cameras. Retail Aware’s patent pending sensors are the only truly agnostic solution of its class […]
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