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  • LiSA

LiSA is a retail tech SaaS company that provides solutions designed by professionals with expertise in innovative commerce and customer experiences. The majority of the LiSA team has years of experience in spearheading change in retail or e-commerce sectors. LiSA’s solutions and services are designed to work within the context of large companies’ operations and systems. LiSA aims to make shopping a joyful, human experience again by creating solutions that solve pain points and transform online shops or media outlets into social entertainment and discovery destinations. LiSA offers a range of social commerce solutions, including shoppable livestreams and interactive product demonstrations.


  • SaaS solution for e-commerce retailers and media platforms to create social commerce experiences, including shoppable livestreams and interactive product demonstrations.
  • Unique “Shop with me” experience enabling a session host to shop directly on the e-commerce site, increasing engagement and boosting conversions.
  • No-code headless live shopping to a scalable white-label enterprise solution embedded in e-commerce.
  • Lightning-fast set-up with the help of the LiSA team.

Case Studies:

  • M&S: partnered with LiSA to power live shopping events for its loyalty program members and has continued to work with LiSA to launch multiple weekly interactive and shoppable livestreams.
  • AVON: grown with LiSA over three years, starting with large special events, and now builds community-led live shopping programs for their brand representatives.
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