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  • Lucky

Lucky enables eCommerce brands to utilize retailers as pick-up in store locations.

Lucky solves the following pain points for its customers:

•Provides same day pick-up in store for eCommerce brands

•Allows eCommerce brands to use their existing retail distribution to get products to customer quicker

•Reduces fulfillment and delivery costs for eCommerce brands

•Increases foot traffic to retail stores

•Provides upsell opportunities for retailers

•Enables retailers to receive data about customers that are driven to their store by the brands they are selling

  • Grin Grin
    GRIN is an all-in-one creator management platform
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  • NewStore NewStore
    NewStore is the only integrated platform offering omnichannel solutions for stores and consumers to deliver amazing shopping experiences, everywhere.
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  • Nuance Communications Nuance Communications
    Nuance retail solutions provide a conversational omnichannel shopper experience across voice and digital, through self-service or live agents, powered by proven AI and biometric security. They offer consistent, seamless dialogs that leverage prediction and recommendation engines to better personalize the customer journey and meet the elevated expectations of today’s consumers. Nuance delivers easily integrated solutions […]
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