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  • MishiPay

MishiPay is an innovative technology provider that helps retailers bridge the gap between online and offline shopping. Their Scan & Go technology gives shoppers the freedom to scan and pay for items with their own smartphones, eliminating queues and reducing the need for checkout staff. Their solutions are tailored to each individual retailer, with bespoke branding and a host of features to boost customer experience and generate value. With a wide range of solutions for Grocery & Convenience Stores, Fashion & Accessories Stores, Travel Stores and more, MishiPay offers an efficient, effective and secure mobile self-checkout experience. Their technology is already helping leading global retailers to deliver outstanding customer experiences and results, with shoppers spending 14% more and increasing basket values by 27%. With MishiPay, the retail experience is revolutionized.

MishiPay Capabilities
• NFC-enabled mobile payments
• Contactless payments
• Cashless payments
• Multi-language support
• Real-time reporting
• Multi-currency support
• Comprehensive analytics
• Customer loyalty programs
• Flexible integration
• 24/7 customer service and support
• Secure data storage and encryption

MishiPay Clients & Case Studies
MishiPay works with a variety of retail clients, ranging from small independent stores to large global retailers. These clients benefit from MishiPay’s innovative mobile checkout technology, which eliminates the need for in-store queues, increases customer satisfaction, and reduces checkout times. The technology is used in a variety of retail environments, including brick-and-mortar stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, and more. As an example, MishiPay has successfully implemented its technology in a major UK supermarket chain, allowing customers to pay for items at self-checkouts using their mobile phones. This has resulted in improved customer experience, shorter checkout times, and cost savings for the retailer. Additionally, MishiPay has enabled contactless payment options for independent retailers, allowing them to offer customers a safe and convenient way to shop.