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  • Modo25

Modo25 is a global, supported in-housing and marketing technology provider dedicated to revolutionizing the world of digital marketing. With a focus on putting the power back into the hands of our clients and our people, we strive to provide the best of both worlds when it comes to digital marketing services. By combining our market-leading technology platform, BOSCO™, with our unique approach to in-housing, we aim to help our clients eliminate risk and take full control of their own marketing success. Our team of experienced professionals are committed to empowering in-house teams and providing them with the knowledge and resources to make informed decisions. Join us and start your in-housing journey today.

Modo25 Capabilities
• Design and development of customized software solutions
• Development of mobile applications for iOS and Android
• Creation of websites and e-commerce applications
• Support and maintenance of existing applications
• System integration services
• Cloud computing solutions
• Database design and development
• Customized software training
• Security and encryption services
• Automation of business processes
• Quality assurance and testing
• Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions
• Business intelligence solutions
• DevOps services
• Data migration and integration
• Consulting and advisory services

Modo25 Clients & Case Studies
Modo25 works with a variety of clients from many different industries. We are particularly experienced in working with clients in the retail sector. We have worked with many leading retailers to implement innovative solutions for their businesses. For example, we worked with a major international retailer to create a new online mobile platform that allowed their customers to shop anytime, anywhere. This platform included features such as product personalization, loyalty programs, and integrated payment options. In addition, we have developed a wide range of digital solutions for retail clients including website development, e-commerce platforms, and digital marketing campaigns. Our retail clients have experienced increased customer engagement and revenue growth as a result of our solutions.

  • Olvin Olvin
    Olvin is a revolutionary solution provider to the retail and real estate sectors, offering a self-serve platform to democratize access to world-class foot traffic analytics. Powered by years of historical data and cutting edge AI & ML techniques, our platform provides instant and affordable predictive insights to help businesses make informed decisions. Our data products […]
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  • Ykone Ykone
    Founded in 2008, Ykone is a leading partner worldwide for brands to produce impactful stories, content and influencer marketing campaigns
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    UNiDAYS is the leading student and GenZ affinity network with a verified global audience of 21MM. UNiDAYS takes some of the world’s biggest beauty, fashion, technology and wellness brands into the hearts and minds of tomorrow’s professionals, delivering engagement, loyalty and tangible business value. By personalizing the shopping experience with bespoke offers and creative content […]
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  • StyleSage StyleSage
    StyleSage is an AI-powered analytics company that enables today’s digital fashion, beauty, and home brands to improve profitability, optimize their assortments, and increase their speed to market.  Our lines of product include: market intelligence analytics platform and an image-based “Amazon-like” product matching. StyleSage has global clients that collectively represent over $100B of business in the […]
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  • Sozie Sozie
    Sozie is an on-demand UGC content platform that provides online shoppers with the same level of inspiration and confidence in their online shopping as they can get from shopping in-person. The Sozie Platform allows e-commerce content teams to request content for specific products, product ranges or categories – and even specify size. Sozie users receive […]
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