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  • Nuance Communications

Nuance retail solutions provide a conversational omnichannel shopper experience across voice and digital, through self-service or live agents, powered by proven AI and biometric security. They offer consistent, seamless dialogs that leverage prediction and recommendation engines to better personalize the customer journey and meet the elevated expectations of today’s consumers. Nuance delivers easily integrated solutions with the support to help brands analyze, optimize, and scale, across channels like Google’s Business Messages to Amazon Alexa, with AI built on 31 billion customer conversations. Whether leveraging Nuance virtual assistants or agent tools, retailers improve conversion, sale size, and engagement while reducing costs.

Nuance solves the following pain points for its customers:

•Delivers innovative customer service applications

•Reduces operating costs

•Increases CSAT and improve NPS

•Reduces and better manages inbound calls

•Reduces average handle time

•Improves first contact resolution

•Reduces the time it takes to identify fraudsters by 88%

•Mitigates direct fraud losses

•Reduces the costs of fraud in the contact center by 90%, in the mobile channel by 80% or more

Check out these case studies to find out why Nuance was chosen by 10 of the top 15 global retailers:

US Retailer – Streamlining customer service and reducing call transfers with improved IVR

Global RetailerCreating personalized customer care to improve individual customer experiences and expedite problem solving

UK Retailer — Deploying virtual assistant to expedite simple customer care needs and offer accurate solutions

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