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  • Nudge

Nudge is a digital communications platform that improves workforce productivity for organizations with deskless or frontline employees. Backed by the highest user ratings in its category, Nudge provides employees with the information and tools they need to stay connected at work and reach organizational goals. Leading brands such as Staples, Compass Group, and Margaritaville rely on Nudge to communicate better, gather feedback faster, and harness actionable insights to drive better business outcomes.

Nudge solves the following pain points for its customers:

• Enables better communications: Nudge enables organizations to share timely, targeted information with their deskless employees at scale

• Increases efficacy and efficiency in communications: communications delivered through Nudge are more effective because they are engaging (bite-sized, image-rich, and gamified), consistent, measurable, and continuously reinforced by employee collaboration

• Allows for faster feedback: with Nudge, it’s never been easier to gather direct feedback from deskless employees on important topics. Structured and open-forum feedback channels enable organizations to be agile, make well-informed decisions, and quickly identify common themes of feedback

• Provides timely insights: employee insights with Nudge make it easy to assess workforce engagement, quantify staff confidence, and evaluate operational readiness for key initiatives and procedures

• Suggests actionable recommendations: Nudge enables organizations to proactively address performance gaps and pivot quickly to drive better business outcomes

Case Studies

Sporting goods — Lifting in-store conversion rates and optimizing communication with frontline staff at Golf Town

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