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  • Obsess

Obsess is an experiential e-commerce platform that leverages proprietary virtual reality (VR) technology to create HD-quality photorealistic virtual stores that don’t require a headset to view. With Obsess, brands and retailers can create immersive digital shopping experiences that allow customers to explore products and engage with the brand in a new way.


  • Enables brands and retailers to create photorealistic virtual stores using VR technology
  • Virtual stores can be created by photographing a physical store in 360 or rendering the experience entirely digitally in 3D using CGI
  • Virtual stores sit as a new page on the brand’s existing e-commerce site and can integrate with any e-commerce platform
  • Provides highly interactive, visual, and creative digital shopping experiences for customers
  • Helps brands and retailers to stand out from the competition and engage customers in a new way

Case Studies: Obsess has worked with numerous high-profile clients, including Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior, Coach, Fendi, Tommy Hilfiger, Charlotte Tilbury, NARS, Dermalogica, Sam’s Club, Party City, General Mills, AT&T, NBCUniversal, Universal Music Group, The Skimm, Mattel, Jared, and many more. Obsess has helped these brands to create immersive digital shopping experiences that engage customers in a new way and increase sales. For example, Ralph Lauren used Obsess to create a virtual shopping experience for the launch of their Polo Sport line, which allowed customers to explore the collection in a highly interactive and engaging way.

  • StorIQ StorIQ
    StorIQ is a retail intelligence platform that helps retailers make data-driven decisions to maximize growth and efficiency.
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  • Mercaux Mercaux
    Mercaux is a leading solution provider to the retail sector, transforming legacy Point of Sale into a suite of composable ‘Points of Service’ solutions. Their platform provides retailers with the agility to transform their in-store experience with speed and efficiency, offering customers a personalized omnichannel path-to-purchase. Their suite of solutions includes Assisted-Service, Self-Service, and Next […]
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    ARuVR is a leading turnkey solution provider to the retail sector, offering an end-to-end, enterprise-grade Extended Reality (XR) platform. Their award-winning products allow businesses to create, distribute, analyze and manage interactive training experiences, enabling them to develop new skills and better communicate and collaborate across the organization. Their platform offers a wide range of features […]
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  • Cominted Labs Studio
    Cominted Labs Studio helps disruptive brands bridge the gap between the metaverse and reality by co-building innovative web3 experiences, offering a full-service studio for metaverse projects, and growing businesses in the metaverse.
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  • White Label Loyalty White Label Loyalty
    White Label Loyalty is a leading enterprise loyalty and retention platform that provides the retail sector with an innovative and effective solution to build a deeper relationship with their customers. It offers an out-of-the-box solution that is simple to launch and run, and is focused on delivering a robust loyalty program with an advanced data-driven […]
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  • RevLifter RevLifter
    RevLifter is a solution provider to the retail sector which helps make “every” eCommerce deal intelligent. With its cutting-edge technology, RevLifter enables brands to leverage real-time customer signals to drive hyper-personalized offers and recommendations that boost sales growth, average order value, and customer lifetime value. With an AI-driven platform and a suite of products, RevLifter […]
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