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  • Olvin

Olvin is a revolutionary solution provider to the retail and real estate sectors, offering a self-serve platform to democratize access to world-class foot traffic analytics. Powered by years of historical data and cutting edge AI & ML techniques, our platform provides instant and affordable predictive insights to help businesses make informed decisions. Our data products are fairly priced, meaning no matter the size of your business, you can leverage AI and ML powered consumer analytics.

Olvin Capabilities
• Cloud-based solutions: Olvin offers a suite of cloud-based tools and services, including secure storage, analytics, and cloud integration.

• Data security: Olvin provides comprehensive data security, including encryption, access control, and monitoring.

• Application development: Olvin offers custom application development services and tools for web, mobile, and desktop applications.

• Infrastructure: Olvin offers managed infrastructure services, including server and network hosting, load balancing, and back-up solutions.

• Analytics: Olvin provides powerful analytics solutions that enable businesses to gain insights into their data and make better decisions.

• Business intelligence: Olvin provides business intelligence solutions to help companies optimize their operations and make better decisions.

• Digital transformation: Olvin can help businesses transform their processes and operations through digital solutions.

• Customer service: Olvin provides customer service and support, including 24/7 technical support and customer service.

Olvin Clients & Case Studies
Olvin works with a wide variety of clients in the retail industry, from large national retailers to small independent stores. In each case, Olvin helps clients maximize their sales, optimize their operations, and create a competitive advantage in their market. Olvin has worked with retail clients such as Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and many others. In each case, Olvin has provided insight and expertise in areas such as inventory management, pricing strategies, and marketing. For example, Olvin helped Target increase sales by 12% through the implementation of a new pricing strategy. Similarly, Olvin has helped Walmart develop a new product line to increase customer engagement and loyalty. Olvin has also worked with local and regional retailers to help them increase market share and improve efficiency. With their expertise, Olvin has helped these retailers become successful and competitive in their market.

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