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  • Perfect Corp.

Perfect Corp. is the leading AI and AR global beauty tech solutions provider and the creator of the award-winning YouCam apps. Perfect Corp. services over 320 global brands and supports them in reimagining their consumer beauty journey across all channels. By using advanced AI & AR innovations, Perfect Corp. delivers a hyper-engaged, personalized shopping experience that drives engagement and conversion.

Perfect Corp. solves the following pain points for its customers:

•Improves retention when there is a wait for service

•Boosts conversion and drive sales through hyper-engaged AI and AR-powered retail experiences

•Increases consumer engagement online and in-stores

•Increases basket size by providing personalized product recommendations tailored to the shopper

•Delivers try-before-you-buy shopping experiences through safe, touchless virtual try-on (in-store and online)

•Creates interactive, hyper-engaged shoppertainment experiences across physical and digital touchpoints

•Provides seamless integration and expert support for implementation of innovative AR and AI solutions

Case Studies

BeautyDeploying virtual try-on solutions in-store and offline to increase conversion rates and improve customer loyalty

MakeupUtilizing AI and AR technology to optimize the online shopping experience and drive digital traffic

MediaIntegrating QR codes and AR experiences to bring in-store try-on online