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  • Pointr

Pointr is a solution provider to the retail sector that specializes in digitizing field services. It is the only OT-native remote collaboration solution in the market, offering secure, reliable and scalable features. POINTR is powered by XRTC, an extended real-time telecommunication protocol that ensures TCP immunity to head-of-line blocking, to provide up to 30x better performance than TCP-based RTMP or HLS. POINTR’s cross-enterprise platform is field-ready, working in low bandwidth, in all networks including VSAT satellite, and on any mobile, wearable or desktop device.

The platform is also secure-by-design, and is trusted by customers such as FORD Motor Company, LATAM and Sysmex Corporation, GLOBAL. POINTR is the best digital field services solution with powerful workflows, feature-rich, and built-for purpose.

Pointr Capabilities
• Location tracking technology: Pointr provides advanced tracking technology, allowing customers to accurately track the movements of people and assets in real-time.
• AI-powered analytics: Pointr’s AI-driven analytics provide insights into the movement of people and assets, helping customers optimize their operations.
• Smart wayfinding: Pointr’s smart wayfinding technology helps customers navigate their way through complex indoor environments, such as airports and shopping malls.
• Heat mapping: Pointr’s heat mapping technology provides insights into how customers move through an indoor space, allowing customers to optimize the layout and design of their spaces.
• Real-time notifications: Pointr’s real-time notifications allow customers to stay informed about events and changes in their environment, helping them make more informed decisions.
• Security and safety: Pointr’s security and safety features help customers maintain safe and secure environment for people and assets.

Pointr Clients & Case Studies
Pointr works with a variety of clients in the retail industry. These include large retailers, shopping malls, department stores and warehouse stores. Our clients utilize our indoor navigation technology to help customers navigate their stores, warehouses and shopping centers more quickly and easily. We’ve worked with clients such as Target, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Macy’s to implement our indoor navigation technology in their stores. In each case, our technology allowed customers to find the items they were looking for more quickly and easily, improving their shopping experience. We’ve also helped a number of our clients increase their sales by providing customers with more accurate and timely information about store locations. Our indoor navigation technology has been proven to help customers save time, reduce frustration and make better purchasing decisions.