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  • Primis

Primis is a digital-first customer experience (CX) solution provider that specializes in enhancing the open interactions between the consumer and retailer to improve post-purchase customer experiences. Through our innovative platform, we strive to help brands build customer loyalty by providing a seamless customer experience from the moment a purchase is made.

Primis offers a suite of cutting-edge services such as live estimated delivery dates, the option to change delivery slots, product recommendations, visually appealing recaps of orders, pro-active personalised event-driven emails, and usable data to understand the consumer journey. We are also committed to sustainability, offering solutions such as planting a tree with a click and direct carbon offsetting.

Primis Capabilities
• Deliver high-quality video content in a scalable, secure, and reliable manner
• Provide streaming video services with real-time analytics and reporting
• Offer a comprehensive monetization solution including pay-per-view, subscription, and advertising-based models
• Develop a custom video player to integrate across web, mobile, and connected TV platforms
• Provide comprehensive workflow automation to streamline the video production process
• Optimize video content for delivery to multiple devices
• Utilize machine learning to improve user experience
• Create targeted video experiences for specific user segments
• Offer advanced analytics for granular insights into viewer behavior
• Provide audience segmentation and personalization capabilities
• Integrate with third-party analytics to measure and track engagement
• Offer custom video hosting solutions for large-scale video distribution

Primis Clients & Case Studies
Primis works with clients across a wide range of industries, with an emphasis on retail. Some of the notable retail clients that Primis has worked with include Target, Walgreens, and Kohl’s. Primis has helped these companies develop personalized, data-driven marketing strategies that have increased their customer engagement and loyalty. For example, Primis worked with Target to create an AI-driven customer segmentation program that identified and rewarded customers for their loyalty. Primis also worked with Walgreens to implement a multi-channel marketing campaign that utilized both email, social media, and direct mail to increase customer engagement. Lastly, Primis helped Kohl’s create an automated customer segmentation program that generated personalized product recommendations for customers. All of these initiatives have helped Primis’ retail clients increase sales and ROI.