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  • Quorso

Quorso is the leading store productivity platform simplifying the work of store leaders in the retail sector. Through its innovative, easy-to-use app, Quorso turns overwhelming data and tasks into personalized, top-priority actions, intelligent workflows and smart insights to boost performance.

Quorso is globally recognized for its success, having been named by Retail Week and World Retail Congress as the 2021 Top Global Start-Up Powering Retail Innovation, and has also been awarded the ‘Technology Game-Changer’ award at the World Retail Awards. It’s user-friendly app helps store managers do all their top prioritization work in one place, know their store’s daily top-priorities, spend less time on analysis and more time on action, and manage Tasks, Alerts and Opportunities all in one app.

Quorso Capabilities
• Automated tracking of team performance against goals
• Real-time data analysis to identify underlying trends
• Customizable dashboards to track progress and performance
• Actionable insights to help teams prioritize tasks and focus on the most impactful areas
• Ability to set up team goals and track progress across multiple teams
• Flexible reporting to visualize performance and trends
• Integration with existing tools and systems
• Automated goal setting and tracking
• Machine learning-powered insights to help teams adjust their strategy
• Multi-dimensional analysis to identify correlations between different data points
• Natural language processing to surface insights from conversations

Quorso Clients & Case Studies
Quorso works with leading retailers to help them make better decisions and drive results. Our clients come from a variety of industries, including apparel, grocery, convenience, department stores, and specialty retailers. Quorso has helped over 2000 Dollar General District Managers streamline their work, coach teams and drive sales at 19,000 stores, and can do the same for any store leader.

We have helped many of these clients improve their customer experience, increase operational efficiency, and optimize pricing and promotions. For example, we worked with a leading apparel retailer to identify new customer segments, optimize product assortment, and improve pricing and promotions to increase sales. We also worked with a convenience store chain to increase customer loyalty and improve customer experience. Our case studies demonstrate the success our clients have achieved with Quorso’s help.