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  • Retail Aware

Retail Aware helps brands, retailers, and their partners track in-store shopper behavior data in real time. Their simple, retail friendly sensors can be attached to any product display or shelf, and can unlock performance data and erase the need for cameras.

Retail Aware’s patent pending sensors are the only truly agnostic solution of its class on the market that was designed for retail, by retail. Their data helps brands and retailers access the necessary insights to make smarter and faster decisions, discover new potential audiences, analyze competition, and track continuously over time, leading to better outcomes overall.

Case Studies

•Optimizes the shopper journey

•Optimizes attribution

•Ensures product execution

•Allows users to see interaction conversion rates

•Helps source shopper demographic details

•Extends info beyond POS data

•Tracks digital attribution

  • Increasingly Increasingly
    Increasingly is making the future of work more efficient, collaborative, and productive.
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  • Weezmo Weezmo
    Weezmo provides marketing insights for brick-and-mortar retailers, helping them increase their revenue by optimizing their in-store to online customer journey (and vice versa.) With this full visibility, retailers can improve both their online campaigns and in-store experience and get an accurate ROI.
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  • Unsupervised Unsupervised
    Unsupervised automates analytics so marketing teams can get straight to that why, quickly pinpointing why metrics are moving the wrong direction and doubling down on what is working. With Unsupervised AI, customers from startups to the Fortune 50 are making data-backed decisions on the actions that most move the needle for their critical metrics without […]
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  • Fit Analytics, a Snap Inc. Company Fit Analytics, a Snap Inc. Company
    Fit Analytics, a Snap Inc. company, is the global leader in fit and sizing technology. Our platform uses the power of machine learning to give leading brands and retailers such as ASOS, Calvin Klein, Puma, and Tommy Hilfiger the tools they need to solve sizing, sell smarter, and turn data into actionable insights. Fit Analytics’ […]
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  • Rillavoice Rillavoice
    Rillavoice provides speech analytics for sales and service associates in physical stores. Rillavoice’s speech analytics software is a new groundbreaking technology that allows retailers to capture, measure and analyze real customer feedback in real time, at a fraction of the cost. Through clip-on microphones, worn by in-store associates, the Rillavoice app and their speech analytics […]
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