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  • RevLifter

RevLifter is a solution provider to the retail sector which helps make “every” eCommerce deal intelligent. With its cutting-edge technology, RevLifter enables brands to leverage real-time customer signals to drive hyper-personalized offers and recommendations that boost sales growth, average order value, and customer lifetime value. With an AI-driven platform and a suite of products, RevLifter provides brands with the tools they need to optimize their online customer experience and increase revenue. RevLifter has been recognized globally with multiple awards, and has established an impressive portfolio of successful partnerships with leading brands around the world.

RevLifter Capabilities
• Automated customer segmentation and personalization
• Real-time customer targeting based on customer behavior
• Automatically trigger personalized offers and discounts
• Dynamic pricing optimization
• Analyze customer data to create tailored campaigns
• Automated product recommendations
• Optimize campaigns for maximum ROI
• A/B testing capabilities for campaigns
• Multi-channel marketing capabilities
• Integration with existing systems and platforms
• Seamless checkout process
• Automated abandoned cart recovery campaigns
• Automated post-purchase campaigns
• Comprehensive reporting and analytics

RevLifter Clients & Case Studies
RevLifter works with a variety of clients in the retail space, including major brands and retailers, e-commerce stores, and online marketplaces. They specialize in helping clients increase and retain their customer base by personalizing their digital marketing experiences and driving more revenue. For example, the retail brand Lux Decor recently partnered with RevLifter to increase its customer loyalty program. Through RevLifter’s AI-driven marketing technology, Lux Decor was able to personalize their loyalty program to create more tailored offers and rewards for their customers. This in turn led to an increase in customer engagement and a 6.5% increase in revenue for the company.

  • Aspire Aspire
    The influencer marketing platform for high-growth ecommerce brands.
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  • Grin Grin
    GRIN is an all-in-one creator management platform
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  • Yotpo Yotpo
    With the most advanced solutions for SMS marketing, loyalty and referrals, subscriptions, reviews, and visual UGC, Yotpo helps brands accelerate their growth by enabling advocacy and maximizing customer lifetime value. With Yotpo, brands can effectively leverage social proof to increase trust and sales, cultivate loyal customer advocates, boost recurring revenue, engage shoppers on top engagement […]
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  • Webloyalty Webloyalty
    Webloyalty is a leading online savings programme provider. We work with over 200 retail businesses internationally to help them build stronger, more profitable relationships with their customers. Through our membership programmes, we help our online retail partners’ customers make significant savings each year while providing the partner with an additional revenue stream. As well as […]
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  • The Smart Cube The Smart Cube
    The Smart Cube is a global provider of data analytics solutions. Since 2003, we have been working as an analytics partner to global businesses leveraging cutting-edge data science, AI and ML tools. In the Retail and Consumer Goods sectors, we support Commercial, Sales, Marketing and Operations teams with custom solutions such as Revenue Growth Management, […]
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  • Syndigo Syndigo
    Syndigo enables commerce by supporting the efficient transfer of product information through its network of brands and their customers. The company provides descriptive product and nutritional information, images and other digital media, powered by deep analytics to empower engaging brand experiences online and in store. Through Syndigo’s integrated platform, Content Experience Hub, clients can publish, manage, syndicate and […]
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