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  • Sketchfab

Sketchfab is the leading platform for 3D & AR on the web.

Sketchfab’s technology is integrated with every major 3D creation tool and publishing platform and is compatible across every browser, operating system, desktop, and mobile. Sketchfab also supports Augmented and Virtual Reality via the browser or the Sketchfab mobile app.

Products: Augmented Reality, 3D Configurators, 3D eCommerce, 3D Assets Management.

Sketchfab solves the following pain points for its customers:

•Previews products in their own environment, increases buyer confidence and conversion

•Enriches the eCommerce experience, and is the closest digital experience to being in a store

•Provides engagement and personalization

•Reduces costs, increases outreach, heightens engagement and immersion

•Gathers and organizes all models in one place

Check out these case studies for additional information:

Education — Immersive and Engaging e-Learning Modules with 3D Models

Shopping — Creating Interactive eCommerce Experiences with 3D visualization

Furniture — Increasing eCommerce Conversion Rates with 3D Models

    Fit:Match provides fit technology software that matches people to clothes using artificial intelligence and human subjectivity tests. By combining 3D, AI and machine learning, FIT:MATCH offers a shopping match platform that solves the “hit or miss” nature of apparel retail for brands and consumers. In addition, with their Fit-Predictive Personalization Solution, FIT:MATCH uses biometric and […]
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    WAIR size and fit solutions have proven to reduce returns and increase conversion, cart value, and shopper confidence.
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  • MemoMi Labs Inc. MemoMi Labs Inc.
    MemoMi is the home of the Memory Mirror®, an award-winning Digital Mirror platform that is revolutionizing the way people shop today on the Web, in store or on any device and operating system. Through artificial intelligence, deep learning and augmented reality, customers can virtually “try on” products such as clothing, eye-wear, makeup, hair color, footwear […]
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