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  • Spirable

By seamlessly combining creative intelligence and AI, Spirable helps to create, automate, distribute and optimise the most impactful creative across social, programmatic, email and messenger channels. Part of the Genius Sports group, Spirable operates in over 30 countries, and is a trusted partner of leading brands and agencies around the world. With its self-serve platform, Spirable has helped customers increase their ROI by up to 10x, through geo-targeted ads to drive sales.

Spirable Capabilities
• Ability to quickly create, personalize, and optimize campaigns
• Automated A/B testing and optimization
• Ability to use data to target audiences
• Ability to deliver campaigns to any channel (web, email, social, etc.)
• Real-time reporting and analytics
• Automated triggers for personalized emails and messages
• Ability to use dynamic content to personalize campaigns
• Integration with third-party tools and services
• Ability to manage multiple campaigns and accounts
• Robust API for custom integrations and data access

Spirable Clients & Case Studies
Spirable works with a variety of clients across different industries. These include retail, travel, and hospitality, as well as financial services and technology companies. In the retail industry, Spirable helps brands create personalized, automated messages for their customers. These messages can be used to drive engagement and sales with customers, as well as retain customers.

For example, Spirable helped one retail company increase customer engagement by 41% and sales by 10%. Through personalized messages, the company was able to drive repeat purchases and loyalty, while also increasing average order value. Spirable also works with a variety of other retail brands, including grocery stores and department stores, to help them create personalized customer experiences.