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  • SSI Schaefer

Schaefer Systems International, Inc. is a leading supplier of innovative storage systems, integrated warehouse management technology, automated micro-fulfillment for e-commerce solutions, and racking for on-site grocery brick and mortar and distribution centers. SSI SCHAEFER provides end-to-end ASRS solutions for distribution and warehouse operation facilities including picking solutions, shuttles, pallet conveying, automated guided vehicles, cold storage, and high bay warehouse rack supported structures. As a technology leader in WMS warehouse management software, SSI SCHAEFER provides WAMAS®, a technology suite of warehouse and distribution tools, that enable safeguards specifically for both cold and ambient environments, labor management, traceability, date and LOT tracking, real-time visibility, and route sequencing. SSI SCHAEFER powers some of the world’s largest grocery retailers, and our team of experts are happy to meet with you too.

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