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  • StorIQ

StorIQ is a retail operations platform designed to drive retail productivity, empower store managers and engage store teams. With StorIQ, retail operations become easy with clear direction, engaged store teams and productive management teams. Task Management provides store managers with a platform to use, target communications and track progress.

Team Engagement utilizes social sharing and brand engagement tools to train store teams and build a connected and engaged workforce. Activity Planning provides tools to coordinate operational planning, labour costs and budgeting. StorIQ provides the tools, support and guidance to give store teams the resources to do what they love.

StorIQ Capabilities
• Automate store operations and optimize performance
• Streamline customer experience and increase customer loyalty
• Increase sales and reduce shrinkage
• Track store performance in real-time
• Monitor and analyze inventory in real-time
• Automate replenishment and optimize inventory levels
• Optimize labor through intelligent task management
• Monitor employee performance and compliance
• Integrate with POS and other store systems
• Access analytics and intelligence to understand store performance

StorIQ Clients & Case Studies
StorIQ works with a variety of clients in the retail sector, ranging from small independent retailers to large global chains. Our clients benefit from our comprehensive retail platform and insights into their customers and operations. We have seen success with clients across several verticals, including clothing, furniture, and electronics. Our retail case studies have included a European furniture retailer that increased their online sales conversion rate by 50%, and a UK based clothing retailer that achieved a 20% increase in sales with real-time insights. These success stories demonstrate the power of StorIQ’s platform, and how it can help our clients grow their businesses.