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  • Tenzo

Tenzo is a leading solution provider to the retail sector that provides an integrated restaurant management and sales forecasting app. It captures all of your data and delivers it to the people who need it, when they need it, allowing for frictionless communication between senior managers, restaurant teams, and employees.

Tenzo’s AI Sales Forecasting uses machine learning to predict future sales, eliminating food waste, understaffing, and overstaffing. It also provides beautiful graphs, reports, and logbooks to help you understand your business better. Trusted by many well-known companies, Tenzo is helping to make faster, smarter decisions and improve communication and gross margin.

Tenzo Capabilities
• Modern cloud-based ERP software tailored to meet the specific needs of food businesses
• Automates ordering, inventory, and financial operations
• Streamlines resource management, customer relationship management, and compliance
• Integrates with existing business systems and third-party applications
• Provides real-time visibility into the entire supply chain
• Offers robust analytics and reporting tools
• Provides a secure and scalable platform for digital transformation
• Offers advanced automation tools for forecasting, demand planning, and production optimization
• Delivers a customer-centric experience with personalized insights and recommendations

Tenzo Clients & Case Studies
Tenzo works with a range of clients across various industries, including retail, hospitality, healthcare and more. Our clients range from small businesses and startups to large, well-known enterprises. We help our clients optimize their operations and improve customer experience through our AI-driven platform.

In the retail sector, Tenzo has worked with a number of major clients. For example, we helped a major fashion brand improve their customer service by providing personalized recommendations to customers in-store. We also improved a large retailer’s supply chain management and inventory optimization, allowing them to reduce their costs and speed up delivery times. Our case studies demonstrate how Tenzo can help retailers of all sizes improve their operations and customer experience.